Baltimore County Invests in 1,000 New Trees

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Is anyone else as excited by this news story as I am? It’s not sensational, and it will take several years to really see an effect, but Baltimore County took $500,000 in federal grant money and bought nearly 1,000 elms, maples and oaks, placing them at 74 locations throughout the county.

Of course, as far the environment is concerned, planting trees is a no-brainer. But Baltimore County considers the effort a financial investment as well. The county expects to save $2 million over the next 30 years in the form of reduced energy and environmental costs.

I’d love to see a similarly aggressive effort made in the city. Of course, there’s TreeBaltimore, whose slogan is “growing Baltimore’s tree canopy one tree at a time,” but wouldn’t it be nice to grow the canopy 1,000 trees at a time?

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