County Executive Johnny Olszewski shakes hands after presenting the Baltimore County budget. Photo by Isaac Smay.

The Baltimore County Council is considering raising council members’ salaries as well as the pay of the county executive and the county administrative officer. During a hearing Tuesday night, Council Chairman Julian Jones, a Democrat, said council members in Baltimore City, and in Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties make more than those in Baltimore County.

“All of these we are below,” Jones said. “Even with the increases the council has not received a raise since 2014.”

Under proposed legislation, council members would see their pay increase from $62,500 to $69,000. By comparison, Baltimore City council members earn $76,660 each year.

The Baltimore County council chairman’s salary would increase $70,000 to $77,000. Baltimore City’s council president Nick Mosby earns $131,798.

The county executive’s annual salary, which also was last increased in 2014, would go up from $175,000 to $192,000.

If approved, the pay raises would take effect in December, after the General Election in November. Five of the seven council members, as well as County Executive Johnny Olszewski, are running for reelection.

The council also is considering bumping up the county administrative officer’s pay at $263,000, from $240,000. That salary was last raised in 2017. If the council approves the increase in the coming weeks, it would take effect June 2023.

While discussing the proposed council raises, Democrat Izzy Patoka said the job has become more demanding, especially when it comes to constituent services. He said council members used to hear from their constituents through a phone call, a letter, or at a community meeting.

“Now portals for constituent services include a text, an email, a social media post, [and] twitter,” Patoka said. “Just trying to harness all of this, this one component, constituent services, is a full-time job in itself.”

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