Baltimore Fishbowl Weekend

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Get Up & Go: It’s All About the Warm

This week, winter hasn’t pulled any punches. So without further ado, we give you our top five ways to stay warm this weekend. And yes, they generally involve getting out of bed, and wearing something other than a Snuggie.

1. Pay What You Want Day at the National Aquarium. If it’s warm enough for sloths and tree frogs, we’re guessing it’s warm enough for us. Pay literally any admission price you want this Sunday, and bask in the pseudo-tropical rain forest until the security guards threaten to lock you in for the night.

2. This evening, you can head down to the Mobtown Ballroom for VNMSOL: A 90s hip-hop & R&B dance night. You can get a hip-hop dance lesson if you go early, or simply show up in time for cheap drinks, and warm yourself  by simply heating up the dance floor.

3. If you prefer to enjoy your drinks and dance floor from the comfort of your own home, you can swing by the Brewer’s Art today after 3pm for their new Saturday hours, when they offer growler fills and tours. Perfect for those in need of some literal Resurrection.

4. Everyone knows that much like beer, yoga warms from the inside; just with slightly different results. Baltimore Yoga Village is offering a restorative yoga workshop tomorrow (Sunday, January 11th) comprised of gentle, healing movements perfect for that season when the body feels reluctant to do much more than hibernate.

5. And of course, if all else fails, there’s always complete sensory deprivation. Not cold. Not hot. Just there. The Be Free Floating Samadhi Float Tank is open for appointments and will give you 90 minutes of feeling absolute, pure womb…uh, we mean warm. Right.


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