This month, Final Fridays in Station North will be overtaken by the Baltimore Folk Festival.  The event is part of the city’s Free Fall Baltimore program, sponsored by the Baltimore Office Promotion of the Arts (BOPA).  The Signal on WYPR described the festival as a celebration of influences from all styles of music, focusing on folk music’s versatility of music and instruments, nothing how pivotal it is that we all realize music can be created from anything.  Folk music, they note, is music “of the folks.”  Of the people.

There are performances throughout Station North, from the area in front of the beloved/hated Man-Woman statue at Penn Station, to The Windup Space, to Joe Squared.  Entrance into the Windup Space is $8, all other performances are free.

The Baltimore Folk Festival will also be hosting this year’s Folk Yeah Flannel Off.  From their site:
“[Come] flaunt your folk for 1st, 2nd and 3rd PRIZES provided by the fine folks at hoodSCAPE. Register anytime before 9PM at The Windup Space! We can’t wait to check out your Buffalo Check, take in your Tartans, and see you get badass in your Madras.”

Take a break from your Halloween festivities for a night, and enjoy Flying Dog’s finest brews while enjoying some music “for the people.”  Baltimore is brimming with talent, and it’s good for the community and the soul to immerse yourself in that talent, whenever possible.

Station North

Friday, 6pm

Folk Music Festival

Music, beer, local talent, and far from the Fells Point and Fed Hill Halloween scene.