Baltimore Is Indestructible

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Deadspin compiled a list of all the ways American cities have been destroyed in the movies, including everything from space rocks to superhero battles to sharknados to terrorist attacks. And of the 189 scenes of devastation, only one took place in Baltimore.

That’s pretty amazing, when you think about the fact that Hollywood has destroyed New York City nine times by monsters alone, and DC has been decimated by everything from climatic events, to earthquakes, to infections, to aliens (thrice!).

The one movie in which you can watch Baltimore get blown up, if that’s the kind of thing you enjoy, is 2002’s The Sum of All Fears, in which terrorists try to kill the president by setting off a nuclear bomb at a football game.

The conclusion that I draw is that Baltimore cannot be destroyed. However, we do still create our fair share of movie maniacs

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