Baltimore Loves David Bowie

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It felt as though the whole world mourned the death of David Bowie, who succumbed to cancer on Sunday at age 69. But I like to think that Baltimore was feeling the loss particularly hard.

The Baltimore Sun has a round-up of all the times the Thin White Duke played the greater Baltimore area, from his initial appearance in 1974 to his 1996 visit to the D.C. region. But Baltimore loved Bowie even when Bowie himself wasn’t in town. Remember last summer’s all-Bowie karaoke event at the Metro Gallery?

And then, of course, there’s the Baltimore man who may just be David Bowie’s heir, or at least his number one fan: musician and occasional talk show host Ed Schrader, who famously fooled the internet into thinking David Bowie had a Twitter account and a penchant for stand-up. This video shows Schrader inhabiting both Bowie and Lou Reed — an unexpectedly poignant tribute to two guys who are hopefully hanging out (or sulkily ignoring each other) up in heaven right now.

Even if Bowie never seemed to feel a particularly strong connection to Baltimore, I think you could still argue for a spiritual connection between him and this town. Baltimore (like Bowie) loves weird outfits, blurring the lines between gender, and complicated hair. David Bowie, we miss you more than everyone else.

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