Baltimore is Number One for Garden Gnomes

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Via the Baltimore Orioles

Baltimore pulled in a perfect 100 on the latest ranking. Lawnstarter says the city is tops in the country for garden gnomes.

Even in the era of random lists, this seems out of nowhere. If it were a pink flamingo contest, it might make more sense. That is, until you factor in Major League Baseball teams’ need to bring fans out to the park in the middle of summer.

Once again, we can thank the Orioles. The ranking relied on Google Trends, which records search data from 2004-2017. The results skewed heavily toward cities with baseball towns, with seven of the eight top garden gnome metros having Major League teams.

Baltimore had a “100” trend score. So if it means we have the best garden gnome giveaways, we’ll take it. In 2015, the Orioles’ Buck Showalter garden gnome giveaway was a big hit. So they followed it up last year with a Manny Machado garden gnome, complete with a legendary origin tale.

A gnome has yet to appear on this year’s schedule, but we’ll keep an eye out for a late season addition.


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