The Arena Garage, located at 99 S. Howard St., is one of several parking garages in Baltimore City that are offering discounted prices for people who are going into work one to three days per week. Image via Google Streetview.

As some businesses shift to hybrid or flexible work schedules, giving employees the option to come into the office fewer days per week, some Baltimore parking garages are offering discounted prices for motorists on such schedules.

Baltimore City on Thursday announced that several garage operators, including the Parking Authority, are offering new discounts for people going into work one to three times per week.

“Many workplaces are reopening but with more flexibility for workers,” city officials said. “This may change your parking needs moving forward.”

Depending on the difference between a garage’s regular parking price and discounted price, motorists could save anywhere from $40-140 on 10 days of parking, according to city officials.

Garages with discounted prices for hybrid/flexible work schedules include:

  • Arena Garage (99 S. Howard St.)
  • Baltimore Street Garage (15 Guilford Ave.)
  • Fleet & Eden Garage (501 S. Eden St.)
  • Little Italy Garage (400 S. Central Ave.)
  • St. Paul Street Garage (210 St. Paul Place)
  • Lexington Street Garage (510 E. Lexington St.)
  • Franklin Garage (15 W. Franklin St.)
  • Market Center Garage (221 N. Paca St.)
  • Marina Garage (402 Key Hwy.)

Prices and discounts vary by garage.

Some Baltimore garages also offer “early bird” rates for people who enter and exit by a certain time. Times vary by garage.

Marcus Dieterle is the managing editor of Baltimore Fishbowl. He returned to Baltimore in 2020 after working as the deputy editor of the Cecil Whig newspaper in Elkton, Md. He can be reached at