Baltimore Police Officer Caught on Video Stealing $3000 During Sting Operation

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Baltimore City PD could probably do without more bad publicity right now, but the U.S. Attorney’s office arrived on Thursday night to deliver more news of alleged wrongdoing. An officer was charged with stealing money while part of an undercover operation, according to U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein.

Maurice Jeffers, 47, is accused of stealing about $3,000 while conducting an undercover operation with U.S. Marshals. On March 10, Jeffers was part of a task force assigned to carry out the sting on a drug dealer at a hotel room.

Police set up surveillance equipment and laid out $3,200 in cash around the room. The surveillance cameras picked up footage of Jeffers pocketing money that was laid out while other agents weren’t around.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Jeffers was accused of stealing three other times, dating back to 2005.

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