Baltimore Ranked Among Top Cities for Creatives

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Jaz MuralBaltimore has worked to lift up artists, providing arts districts, entire buildings to paint on, and festivals to show some of their stuff like the recently-passed Artscape. So it’s no surprise that we ended up on Thrillist’s rundown of top cities for creatives that aren’t New York, LA or San Francisco. But instead of being about art itself, this list is about cities that having stuff that artists want.


It’s “two steps slower than New York and DC” and, as listmakers have told us a few times now, there’s a lot of cool places to drink. Lexington Market is characterized as “the Pike Place of the East Coast.” Convenience and cost of living are also mentioned. Thrillist apparently doesn’t want to rank the cities, but those who are counting may observe us in third position.

With crabs and Ravens references thrown in for good measure, the list is a bit too general to be targeted specifically at any one group. But the key stat they choose to highlight is H.L. Mencken’s books. That absolves many sins.

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