Photo via Baltimore Spirits Company/Facebook

The booze makers of Union Collective are rolling out their first collaboration, a seasonally appropriate liqueur made from wort—the liquid extracted during mashing for brewing or distillation—and said to taste like sweet vermouth, but with the malty, chocolate flavor of a stout.

The product, Singularity #1, is a partnership between Baltimore Spirits Company and Union Craft Brewing, neighbors down at the brewery’s multi-tenant manufacturing complex in Hampden. The 58-proof liqueur’s flavor comes from the fermented wort used for Union Craft Brewing’s hearty wintertime Snow Pants Stout, combined with an unfermented version of the same wort added by Baltimore Spirits Company.

That concoction was then left to age for two years in the liquor maker’s oak barrels, creating an “an unprecedented and unclassified liqueur,” per a release.

This marks the first product in the E.B. Smith’s Singularities line—named after Baltimore Spirits Company’s head distiller Eli Breitburg-Smith—which cheekily showcases his profile on the bottle label, seen above.

Baltimore Spirits Company will be rolling out three more Singularity items, including a pear brandy to be released in February and two more further down the line. Baltimore Spirits Company makes an apple brandy, a ginger apple liqueur, a couple mescal-inspired liquors, several varieties of amari and its signature gins and Epoch Rye whiskey.

Singularity #1 ($40) will hit shelves this Saturday. Bottles will only be available for purchase at Baltimore Spirits Company’s headquarters. And just FYI, this will be the only batch, the booze maker says.

Ethan McLeod is a freelance reporter in Baltimore. He previously worked as an editor for the Baltimore Business Journal and Baltimore Fishbowl. His work has appeared in Bloomberg CityLab, Next City and...