Baltimore Spirits Company announces two pre-holiday releases

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Courtesy: Baltimore Spirits Company.

Just in time for holiday shopping, Baltimore Spirits Company today announced two new releases. Because, really, who doesn’t like a nice bottle of hooch for the holidays?

Up first is Asimina Pumila Pechuga, a twist on the distiller’s smoked apple brandy that mixes in paw paws, persimmons and black walnuts in a copper pot still with a Maryland ham suspended above (for real). The result is meant to resemble a rare mezcal.

The Pechuga, which only comes out once a year due to the short paw paw season in Maryland, is scheduled to be released on Nov. 23.

On Black Friday, Baltimore Spirits Company is putting out its final special release of 2019, Post Epoch Rye, Batch #3. The distiller’s signature rye has been specially aged for three years, and over the last 12 months it has called a French oak barrel used for port wine home.

The extra aging packs in even more flavor, “creating a distinct and rare type of whiskey with a fruity profile and a warm finish,” the distiller says.

Sales and samples will begin at noon on Nov. 29 and be available throughout the weekend as long as the supply lasts.

Both bottles retail for $59.99.

Brandon Weigel

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