The publicity in recent years surrounding Charm City Cakes would lead some to believe that Baltimore’s a one-cake pony, so to speak. But several new sweet spots throughout the city are out to prove that isn’t so.

Fell’s Point’s recent opened Baltimore Cakery is taking on novelty cakes directly, with such specialties as an edible Torah, but is also offering more classic, less fondanted fare, like their popular pink lemonade cake, which looks like, well, a regular cake.

Those in need of custom cakes also have a friend in Hampden’s Puffs & Pastries, though if you want a Sunday morning croissant you will have to look elsewhere. The Avenue mainstay has closed its doors to casual customers and now only takes custom orders.

Charm City Cupcakes is betting that little cakes are still big business. And their storefront is as miniature as their products, at least at their Mt. Washington location, which feels like a cupcake outpost.

I can’t say with certainty that this fresh batch of cake shops is inspired by the reality TV success of Charm City Cakes, but if it is, then Baltimore’s television legacy has something tasty to show for itself.