Baltimore, Washington Still in Running to Host 2024 Olympics

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2024 OlympicsThe U.S. Olympic Committee whittled down its list of cities it’s considering to bid on the 2024 Olympics, and Baltimore made the cut! The three other U.S. cities still in the running are Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

The Baltimore-involved effort has been branded “DC 2024,” but it’s not a particularly accurate handle. The bid includes venues in College Park, Annapolis, and Northern Virginia, in addition to Washington and Baltimore.

Of course, even if the USOC goes for DC 2024, it would be just one of several bids from around the world submitted to the International Olympic Committee in 2015.

While conventional wisdom suggests that — however much “optimism” they might bring to the host citythe Olympic games’ economic impact is dubious at best, at least one expert says that the United States is “one of the few countries that can make a profit on the games.”


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