College professors have always had one area of untrammeled expression:  the faculty office. After all, once you’ve got tenure, you can decorate as wackily as you want.  Loyola Magazine recently sniffed out that school’s most striking faculty offices, including ones that feature Coke can sculptures, tumbleweeds, and a ceiling made of flags. Some of the best photos after the jump:

Writer-in-Residence Lia Purpura’s office offers many totems for inspiration.

Purpura showcases found items and gifts in shadowboxes mounted to the wall. “I’m like a crow that way,” she says. “These [items] seemed to live well together.”

This is the first tumbleweed Purpura ever saw. A friend shipped it to her from Wyoming.

Purpura offers a “Poem of the Week” on the front of her office door.
Every time computer science professor David Binkley presents at an international conference, he picks up a flag to hang from his ceiling.

Associate professor of engineering Glenn Kohne’s DIY Diet Coke sculpture is his way of protesting the school’s contract with Pepsi.

Kohne installed wood paneling in his office.
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