Washingtonians like to think that life inside the beltway is superior to life in Baltimore. But once again Hollywood has come knocking at our rowhomes, not theirs. Okay, I know it has more to do with keeping production costs down than with taking sides. Regardless, actor Kevin Spacey and director of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, David Fincher, will be filming political thriller  “House of Cards” in Baltimore this spring. We like that, yes?

Robin Wright, who worked with Fincher in Dragon Tattoo, has been rumored to be in contract negotiations to star alongside Spacey. The Maryland Film Office cannot confirm that rumor at this time.

The series, set in D.C., is a spin on the 1990’s British mini-series of the same name about schemes to become Prime Minister. With our presidential election approaching, the American version certainly has timing in its favor.

They will shoot 13 one-hour episodes for Netflix’s first television series endeavor. If you’ve replaced costly cable with Netflix streaming (and are disappointed by limited choices), Netflix’s success on this project could mean you’ll have more viewing variety in the future.

For those of you who, like me, have already faltered on your resolutions to hit the gym, here’s some motivation — producers might be looking for extras. They are currently holding casting calls for union extras, but will open calls to the public within the next several weeks. Want to know what to expect? I went to a casting call for Ladder 49, ready to deliver lines, but was asked only to stand on stage and say my name while someone snapped a Polaroid picture. So no pressure!