Credit: Laura Lynn Photography.

Baltimost is a Baltimore Fishbowl feature that asks locals what they love about their city. The idea is to celebrate Baltimore and the people who make it so unique.

So what makes Baltimore the Baltimost to you? It could be a favorite place, a great meal, a memorable interaction or something else entirely. Email suggestions to Karen at

Bill Stevenson, 55, is the owner of Waverly Color Company and co-owner of Waverly Brewing Company. In his words:

“I grew up in Waverly, and that’s why I name all my products Waverly. As a kid growing up broke, I just learned how to do different things to earn money. I like Baltimore because it’s an underdog town. I’ve lived other places but I like living here. I have the luxury of having fun with the stuff I’m doing.

I was the first in my family to go to college. I went to Towson for about a minute, and then got a degree from the New School for Social Research, in New York.

I came back to Baltimore and started tattooing in 1997. I opened a tattoo shop in 1999 and started Waverly Color in 2002, selling tattoo ink and acrylic artist paints. I sell all the tattoo accessories as well. My products are safe, clean and affordable, which is why people like them.

I sold my interest in the tattoo shop in 2012 and bought my workshop in Remington. If a friend has a project and needs a place to work, they come here. I’ve built my business just being nice to people. I have friendships that have lasted 30 years, and I meet new people all the time. I’m still open to meeting new people, it happens constantly in this small town.

The Skatepark of Baltimore is definitely my favorite place. I spent my teens and 20s skateboarding. I’m not very good at it, but I really love it. My son is 11 and he skates. I like to go early in the morning, when the sun is rising and I’m the only one there, just to kick it around. It’s also really nice to see it jam-packed with people of all ages and skill levels. There’s no cost. Just go on in.”