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Welcome to the first-ever Baltimost, our awards recognizing some of the people, places and things that make Baltimore such a unique place to live. As regular readers of the site know, the portmanteau for this comes from a column by contributor Karen Nitkin. To date, she’s spoken with nearly 20 subjects, relaying parts of each person’s life story, told in their own words, and the thing they enjoy most about the city.

In many cases, the everyday people featured in the Baltimost column are contributing in their own way to the daily fabric of Baltimore’s culture, and if not that, their experiences say something about being here.

When we thought about putting together some kind of award, it felt like a good idea to extend that concept. What people, places and things help to define Baltimore and make it a better place?

As much as we enjoy Best of Baltimore lists, this is not meant to join those. No winner is better than someone or something that’s not on here, and the 30 selections by our staff are in no way a complete representation of the city.

But we do think it’s a good place to start and a way of nodding to Baltimore’s great qualities. Hope you enjoy reading. (Brandon Weigel)

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