Become a Sultan of Swing: Swing Classes at Mobtown Ballroom

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Tonight, take a page from Richard Gere’s book and learn some steps to impress your loved one.  Alternatively, learn some steps to make an ex-loved one regret ever letting you go.  Salsa is a great and fun way to exercise, practice balance and rhythm, and meet phenomenally talented dancers.  The few times I’ve gone to salsa lessons, they always seem to be full of awkward, self-conscious types with no concept of how to move both feet simultaneously.  Everyone hovers around until they’re forced to pair up, and once they do, they end up middle-school distance apart, staring at their feet to ensure they’re getting the steps right.  Well, I say bad dance lessons – be gone!

Every Monday night, Mobtown Ballroom offers swing lessons and a free dance session for $5.  You’ll learn the basic steps, twirls and dips, and then have the opportunity to put them into practice.   But at Mobtown, you learn from the pros.  No awkward foot shuffle, no middle-school flashbacks. After a few weeks, you’re likely to have turned pro, and will just keep showing up to show off your moves.

Mobtown Ballroom in Pigtown
859 Washington Blvd
Baltimore, MD

Every Monday night, 8:00pm – 9:00pm

To get into shape, burn some holiday calories, have fun, and bring sexy back!

$5 – less than a burrito or cup of coffee

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