Become Part of (Drunk) History Thursday!

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Hey Baltimoreans, if you’d like a shot at being on a hit Comedy Central show, this Thursday you’ll want to grab some logo- and writing-free clothing and head on over to Mother’s Grille in Federal Hill at 8 p.m. Oh, and you’ll want to make arrangements for a safe way home, because you’re going to need to get hammered.

Lutherville native Derek Waters’s incredibly on-point Drunk History is finally taping a Baltimore-themed episode for its second season. If you’ve seen the show (and if you haven’t, please do!), you’ll know that in addition to one of  Waters’s inebriated friends recounting an historical event as actors like Michael Cera, Kristen Wiig, and Jack Black act it out in all its hilarious inaccuracy, each episode features quick clips of locals extolling the virtues of their hometown. Presumably that’s where you come in.

You don’t have to prepare anything. Just be ready to talk about Baltimore. So get out there and make us proud, or totally ashamed, as the case may be!

For more details on the Baltimore taping visit the Maryland Historical Society’s website.




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