Five Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School graduating senior student athletes have signed letters of intent to continue competing in their sport at the collegiate level. The Pre-K-12 Jewish day school has never before sent this number of students from one graduating class to play sports in college.  

“Today is a historic day at Beth Tfiloh as we celebrate an unprecedented event: five accomplished student athletes who are signing letters of intent to play their sport at the college level,” said Dr. Zipora Schorr, Director of Education at Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School. “At Beth Tfiloh we are proud of our rigorous academic curriculum supported by a rich, competitive athletic program.  It takes a combination of discipline, hard work and persistence to achieve this lofty goal and we wish each of these students and their families a big mazel tov.” 

Meet the Elite Athletes
The five student athletes include graduating seniors Emily Feldman ‘21, who will compete in synchronized skating at Adrian College; Drew Goldscheider ‘21, who will play lacrosse at St. Mary’s College of Maryland; Alison Krieger ‘21, who will play lacrosse at Lafayette College; Brady Palmer ‘21, who will play lacrosse at Eastern University; and Marissa Ross ‘21, who will play lacrosse at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Beth Tfiloh is part of the C conference of the MIAA athletic conference, which includes local private schools in Maryland. According to Stacy Fuld ‘02, Beth Tfiloh’s athletic director, “Over the years, the athletes at Beth Tfiloh have earned an excellent reputation for good sportsmanship from their competing teams. Many coaches and athletic directors have expressed their admiration of our athletes and how they conduct themselves. All coaches know how hard it is to create a balance between academics, athletics, competition, and the importance of winning and losing. At Beth Tfiloh, we feel our students are learning this balance and putting it to practice every day.”

Supportive Environment Promotes Excellence and Balance

Marissa Ross, ‘21; lacrosse at Fairleigh Dickinson University

These student athletes will be the first to admit that it is hard to be both a good student and athlete with all that life involves these days. Marissa Ross shares that “Beth Tfiloh has created a supportive system for their student athletes that has allowed us to excel academically and athletically. We have amazing and dedicated coaches. Our coaches encourage good character and have become my mentors throughout my high school career.”  

Drew Goldscheider, ’21; lacrosse at St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Drew Goldscheider ‘21 tells us of how has had to “learn time management and that I am a student before an athlete. This has helped mkeep my grades up, while being able to play.”  He talks of how this has prepared him for college saying, “At the next level I will have to do the same.”

Brady Palmer, ‘21; lacrosse at Eastern University

Brady Palmer ‘21 thinks his Beth Tfiloh education has laid the groundwork for his college experience. “The workload and participating in extracurricular activities have prepared me for the challenges of being a student athlete in college. Managing morning workouts, a school day that ends at 4:15 and after school practices has taught me how to manage my time effectively. As a result, I’ve had to plan ahead to complete my assignments so I can meet my school needs and fit in all my athletic activities.”

Alison Krieger, ‘21; lacrosse at Lafayette College

Alison Krieger ‘21 feels that “BT has prepared me tremendously for college whether it be academics, extra curriculars or even just time management skills. Another thing BT has taught me is to not shy away from an amazing experience just because it may be a challenge. My teachers and administrators taught me grit and perseverance, giving me skills that will help me in my college career both academically and athletically.

Emily Feldman, ‘21; synchronized skating at Adrian College

When Emily Feldman ‘21 talks about balancing her figure skating with the demands of school, she states that Beth Tfiloh’s double curriculum is rigorous on its own, but adding a competitive sport, including international travel as part of Team USA on top of that, has been challenging at times, but also super rewarding. This has definitely prepared me for college because I know that I can handle any amount of schoolwork on top of a stressful practice schedule.

These students all agree that their Beth Tfiloh experience has taught them a great many things that will ensure their future success. They have learned to embrace the challenge that is involved in balancing both the rigorous academic curriculum of the Beth Tfiloh education with the time and work that goes into staying at the top of your athletic game. And it is this challenge that has prepared them to be successful, not only in college, but in all that lies ahead

Learning together. For life.
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