Have the tough economy and controversial military operations overseas made you more or less sure who you are politically? Without question, the political climate has encouraged red-and-blue polarization, to an extent, but according to new findings from the Pew Research Center’s 2011 Typology study, “A growing number of Americans are choosing not to identify with either political party, and the center of the political spectrum is increasingly diverse.” So, where precisely do you fit?

If you’re ready to know, Pew has published their Political Typology quiz to help you pinpoint your Party Animal DNA more intricately.

You’ll answer quick questions, like, “Does the growing number of newcomers from other countries threaten American customs and values or strengthen American society? Should the country do whatever it takes to help the environment, or have we gone too far? Hard work and determination basically guarantee you’ll get ahead, yes or no? Homosexuality should be accepted or discouraged by society?”

According to Pew, you could be a Staunch Conservative, a Main Street Republican, a Libertarian, a Disaffected, a Postmodern, a New Coalition Democrat, a Hard Pressed Democrat, a Solid Liberal or a Bystander.

Intriguingly, study shows: To the right, the classic divide between pro-biz conservatives and social conservatives has now gone fuzzy. To the left, the study identified a “New Coalition” of working-class voters who are white, Latino and African American, in near equal numbers.

Listed beside each Core Group Type in the online glossary, you can read a capsule of detailed, newsy information, under the headings, “What They Believe,” and “Who They Are.” (Did you know, for example, that 39% of Libertarians earn $75,000 or more? Or that 71% of Disaffecteds have experienced unemployment in their households in the last year? We did not.)

Seeing red and blue at once? Don’t have a poli-identity crisis. The quiz takes about a minute to complete–soon you’ll know yourself a little better, and how hard you still want to party.