Beyond Tofurkey — Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dishes an Omnivore Would Eat

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Some Thanksgiving staples are already vegetarian (apple sauce, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, corn, &c.), and some are easily adapted (use vegetable stock instead of turkey broth for vegetarian dressing). But what’s a vegetarian to do about the main dish? Sure, there’s tofurkey, but should vegetarians settle for some processed lump of faux meat? I think not.

The goal is to replace the bird with something meat-free, entree worthy, and Thanksgiving-appropriate. Luckily for us, there are many others already on the case.

Jolinda Hackett has compiled a list of Thanksgiving main dish options for the meat-free. Particularly interesting are her stuffed squash recipes. Stuffed squash fits the bill nicely: it’s autumnal, there are endless variations, and (unlike a tofu loaf) it looks good on the table.

Better yet is Tara Parker-Pope’s “Well” blog for the New York Times. She regularly goes vegetarian for Thanksgiving, adding a new recipe to her online cookbook every day in November. Unlike Hackett, she wastes no time with meat knockoffs and instead fills her blog with adventurous takes on classic Thanksgiving ingredients, such as her black rice, corn and cranberries, or fried winter squash with mint.

But what are your vegetarian Thanksgiving favorites? Are there some you’ve learned to avoid?

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