Bold New Highlandtown Bus Stop Gains National Attention

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Bus stop in Highlandtown
They call it “BUS”

In mid-July, the Spanish artist collective mmm… installed an interactive public sculpture in Highlandtown. Recently, it’s been written up at Design Taxi and CityLab.

The Creative Alliance teamed with the Southeast Community Development Corporation to bring the permanent art project, titled “BUS,” to Baltimore. As you can see in the photo, the sculpture spells out the word bus in all caps, with letters 14 feet high and seven feet deep. Yes, a bus stops there. And, yes, you can sit on it. And yes, your kids will probably try to climb up to the second story of the B.

A couple CityLab readers registered their disapproval. One even suggested that “the kids who designed this” should be spanked for not providing enough shelter from the elements. As an occasional Baltimore public transit user, I’d like to point out to them that this is, in fact, more shelter than is found at many city bus stops. And if it’s storming, I imagine riders will congregate under the marquee 10 feet away.





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