Courtesy Bmore Media – Buck Jabaily recalls the audience’s apprehension towards the performance of Chinese playwright Gao Xing Jian’s “The Other Shore.”

“It was a difficult piece, unique in the sense that it didn’t have a clear narrative,” says the former executive director of the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance. “My error is that I didn’t prepare the audience for it. A lot of people after said that it made them feel stupid, and that’s not at all what I wanted.”

Jabaily explained to audience members a bit of the play’s background. “I learned that the works should speak for themselves, but there should be some type of context for audience members.” Based on this experience, Jabaily recently formed the Baltimore Performance Kitchen, which has artists traveling to different local theaters to showcase new projects in front of an interactive audience. Jabaily says his last artistic venture Baltimore Open Theatre dissolved after just a few months after the partners realized that bringing international performers on a large scale wasn’t feasible.

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