The Bug That’s Killing All the Ash Trees in America Is in Baltimore

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The emerald ash borer threatens all the ash trees of North America

The emerald ash borer, an invasive Asian beetle that threatens North America’s entire ash tree population was spotted in Druid Hill Park in June! The green beetle has already killed “tens of millions” of North American ash trees since it was found over here 12 years ago.

According to the Baltimore Sun, as of 2009, there are around 212,000 ash trees in the city, which amounts to 9 percent of all the trees in Baltimore. The emerald ash borer threatens our tree canopy (which is already pretty sparse), our ecosystem, our culture, and our budget!

It costs around $1,000 to take down a mature tree (either to halt the advance of the bug — yeah right! — or else to take a tree down safely before it falls down), but trying to save a tree through the application of one of several pesticides can be costly as well and comes with its own environmental unknowns.

Erik Dihle, Baltimore’s arborist, is currently nailing down a strategy.


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