BWI Taps Basic Economy, Northern New York Service With New Flight Plans

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via Boutique Air

The new flights to BWI keep landing in our inbox. This week, a pair of disparate destinations came across. But the flights share a common theme: They’re cheap.

According to NBC News, Baltimore is included as a destination in a new, lower-priced “Basic Economy” package that’s being offered by American Airlines.It’s a new category designed to compete with the discount airlines that are making inroads in “legacy” business. For now, nonstop flights between Baltimore and Dallas-Fort Worth appear to be the only flight available from BWI.

If you’d rather head closer to the other border, a new airline is also set to open up travel to New York’s North Country. Boutique Air is set offer service to Massena, New York, according to North Country Public Radio. The 10,000-population town near the St. Lawrence River used to be serviced by Cape Air, but they went with a new carrier. The town supervisor tells NCPR that Boutique offers, “a pressurized cabin. It has a lavatory. It can fly at 20,000 to 30,000 feet, get above the weather.” Sounds like an upgrade.

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