Buck Showalter’s Approval Rating, and Other Opinions We Learned From This Public Policy Poll

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Buck Showalter (Kenya Allen/Pressbox)
Buck Showalter (Kenya Allen/Pressbox)

Timely as ever, Public Policy Polling released results of its latest survey just before the Maryland primary. Studying the results more closely, it quickly became clear that it wasn’t about the candidates for mayor or president. But it provided a few insights nonetheless.

The main government-oriented question concerned the proposal to raise minimum wage in Baltimore City to $15/hour. On that point, the poll found 57 percent of Baltimoreans surveyed favor an increase to $15/hour, while nearly 80 percent favor an increase $12/hour. On national issues, 55 percent of Marylanders support Obamacare, and 88 percent want to require background checks for gun purchases.

Now that you’ve eaten the meat and potatoes, it’s time for dessert. There were many questions designed to take the temperature on sports and culture in the state, and here are some of the results:

  • 33 percent believe the O’s will make the playoffs. 32 percent believe they will win the World Series.
  • 70 percent approve of Buck Showalter’s job as Orioles manager.
  • Back on the path to the Olympics after his arrest, 60 percent approve of Michael Phelps
  • As promised, the question of Joe Flacco’s eliteness was addressed, and it appears the debate will go on. About 39 percent believe the Ravens QB is elite, while 31 percent believe he is not.
  • Catfish claims to the contrary, 11 percent of voters believe in Chessie the Chesapeake Bay sea monster.

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