Baltimore County Police Respond to Starbucks Crash, McDonald’s Rescue

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The scene at the McDonald's rescue (via Baltimore County police)
The McDonald’s rescue (via Baltimore County police)

Baltimore County Police have had a busy 24 hours at local chains.

On Sunday, two boys fell down a hole on the property of the McDonald’s on Kenwood Ave. in Rosedale. The 11-year-olds were playing when they fell into the three-foot opening, which was covered with mulch. One was able to get out before falling in completely, but the other got trapped about 30-45 ft. below ground, police said.

To rescue him, a rope system lowered a firefighter into the hole. The firefighter attached a harness to the boy, and the rope system pulled him out.

Firefighters determined that the hole was an old well owned by McDonald’s. They covered it with a steel plate to prevent anyone from falling in again.

Monday morning started with a run to Starbucks. A car ran into the Starbucks on York Road shop just before 10 a.m. Pictures from news stations like WBAL and ABC2 show a silver Lexus went in through a front window of the Starbucks.

Police said four people were hurt, but they were all described as minor injuries. As for the building, a structural engineer was requested by police to assess the damage, but there wasn’t any further information on the damage or repair process.


Stephen Babcock

Stephen Babcock is the editor of Baltimore and an editor-at-large of Baltimore Fishbowl.

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