Bill would require city and MTA to collaborate on bus lane enforcement plan

Photo via MTA

Love them or hate them, if you drive downtown, you’ve seen Baltimore’s red “BUS ONLY” lanes.

The city installed the lanes, a form of tactical transit, a year and a half ago as part of Baltimore’s bus network redesign. The idea was to give buses priority over cars along parts of Pratt, Lombard, Fayette, St. Paul, Guilford, Charles and Gay streets to improve commute times.

City to replace Roland Avenue cycle track with the old traffic-side bike lane configuration

A box truck blocks part of the reconfigured cycle track in front of Eddie’s of Roland Park. Photo by Ethan McLeod.

After years of modifications, heated community meetings and, more recently, plans to test out a “road diet” in Roland Park, the city has instead decided to remove the neighborhood’s two-way protected cycle track altogether and replace it with the old design of a painted bike lane situated alongside traffic.

After public backlash, Curio Wellness drops lawsuit to halt new round of growing licenses

Photo via Dank Depot/Flickr

Facing an outpouring of criticism from patients, dispensaries, fellow growers and state regulators, as well as threatened product boycotts, Curio Wellness has dropped its lawsuit against the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission that attempted to stop a new round of grower applications in court.

De Sousa gets 10 months in prison for cheating on taxes and not filing them

Police Commissioner Darryl De Sousa. Photo via Baltimore Police Department.

Once Baltimore’s police commissioner for all of four months in 2018, Darryl De Sousa has been sentenced 10 months in prison for tax fraud and neglecting to file his taxes for multiple years while serving as a Baltimore cop.

Pugh: ‘Healthy Holly’ deal with UMMS was a ‘regrettable mistake’

Mayor Catherine Pugh displays a set of “Healthy Holly”-affiliated bibs and baby blankets. Still via live stream from Charm TV/Facebook.

Hours after being released from the hospital for a bout of pneumonia on Thursday, Mayor Catherine Pugh apologized for her arrangement with the University of Maryland Medical System to sell hundreds of thousands of copies of her children’s books while she was serving as an unpaid board member.

Discount carrier Wow Air shutters, leaving BWI passengers stranded

Photo by Oliver Holzbauer, via Flickr

By Alex Rychwalski
Capital News Service

The Wow Air counter at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, usually buzzing with travelers and employees, sat barren without a soul on Thursday, a stark symbol of the airline’s sudden closure.

House-backed bill punishing drivers for pedestrian crashes stuck in Senate committee

Photo by Elly Blue, via Flickr

Under current law, motorists who injure or kill a bicyclist, jogger or scooter rider in Maryland routinely walk away with nothing more than a traffic ticket.

An effort to significantly increase penalties for those collisions has received unanimous approval in the House of Delegates this year. But final General Assembly passage is in doubt, as the chairman of the Senate committee that must also approve the measure has not scheduled a vote.

Police killed man in Central Park Heights barricade after he threatened to shoot officers, but no gun found

Kevin Mason interacts with police on body camera footage from March 24. Still via video from BPD/Facebook.

Kevin Mason died overnight on Pembridge Avenue early Monday after police shot at him at the back of a home during a tense barricade situation, according to body camera footage released Wednesday afternoon. On video and a recorded call from Mason, the 57-year-old can be heard repeatedly threatening to shoot and kill officers, leading up to the moments an officer fired two rounds at him.

Except, there was no gun, police say. “After a lengthy search, we did not find or locate a gun on the property,” Police Commissioner Michael Harrison told media today.

Patients, growers, regulators rebuke Lutherville cannabis grower’s lawsuit to halt additional licensing

Photo by Dank Depot, via Flickr

Days after the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission rolled out a new application to license four more medical cannabis growers in hopes of boosting production and industry diversity, one of the state’s 14 existing producers, Curio Wellness, is taking legal action to block the process.

Officials set to approve Harrison’s new chief of staff, head of consent decree implementation from New Orleans

Police Commissioner Michael Harrison. Photo via Baltimore Police Department.

Now in week six as Baltimore’s top cop, Commissioner Michael Harrison is starting to shuffle the department’s upper ranks and bring some of his own people aboard.