SG Program Profiles

Program Spotlight: The Waldorf School of Baltimore



With the belief that a part of whole-child education should include assisting students to develop and nurture a healthy relationship with the environment, the Waldorf School of Baltimore has maintained a strong focus on immersing children in the outdoors.

Firmly planted in Baltimore City, the campus offers an eco-friendly oasis complete with nature trails, outdoor learning spaces and a certified wildlife habitat. Lower school students are encouraged to take a deep dive into the outdoors through the nature studies program. In the middle school, students expand their understanding of sustainability and ecoliteracy, with the goal of empowering students with the knowledge, confidence, and ethical foundation to meet the challenges they will face in modern society with depth, imagination, and purpose.

Program Spotlight: St. John’s Parish Day School



St. John’s Parish Day School, a co-ed Episcopal school for students ages three through grade five, is launching a new STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) curriculum to enhance their interdisciplinary, project-based, and student-centered approach to learning. Promoting the development and application of what has been taught and learned in new and different ways, this interdisciplinary curriculum approach encourages all involved to develop meaningful links in ways that intrigue and motivate students as well as help them make connections within their studies and the world.

The new curriculum will include faculty training throughout the summer, transforming the lower school science lab into a STEM lab, and the early childhood science lab into a Maker Space lab for enhanced project-based learning.

Program Spotlight: Oldfields School



The opportunity to learn and grow extends far beyond the classroom at Oldfields School. Offering beautiful surroundings, genuine friendships, and boundless futures, the Day Student Program offers the best of both worlds.

Making up 20-25 percent of enrollment, day students experience all the benefits that boarding school offers while staying close to home. They are fully integrated, whether enjoying breakfast, attending study hall or participating in weekend gatherings. With 18 percent international enrollment, students gain a global perspective, allowing them to see the world in new ways. Additionally, over half of the faculty live on campus, making guidance from trusted teachers readily available. This 24/7 aspect allows students to truly know teachers and classmates, leading them to knowing themselves better. Moments like these are magical, and happen frequently at Oldfields. The result is education with a deeper level of personal connection that opens doors (and minds) to opportunities for discovery.

Program Spotlight: Notre Dame Preparatory School



Medical Studies is part of Notre Dame Preparatory School’s Science-Technology-EngineeringArt-Math (STEAM) Program. Laying the groundwork for students interested in pursuing the medical field, Medical Studies is supported by a plethora of classes, a new Innovation Wing, NDP’s Women In…(WIN) Experiential Learning Program and the Women in Medicine club.

The basic sciences ground the medical program, with additional medical-focused classes, from infectious disease to biology of cancer, elevating it. The newly opened Innovation Wing, which houses NDP’s Medical Suite, allows students to complete advanced laboratory experiments. In this new space, students can explore the human body with a touch of the finger thanks to the full-size Anatomage Table.

Program Spotlight: Jemicy School



Jemicy’s Upper School Prep (USP) program is a comprehensive, pre-high school curriculum designed to serve students who need further development of foundational academic skills to transition successfully to a college-preparatory upper school program. The program serves bright and talented students, ages 13-15, who are in their last year or two of middle school and have been diagnosed with dyslexia or a related language-based learning difference.

Program Spotlight: Glenelg Country School



With a world of educational possibilities in front of them, students in the upper school at Glenelg Country School seize the opportunity for exploration through the Capstone Integrative Creative Research Project. Open to all seniors, students have the unique opportunity to “choose their own adventure,” pursuing their passion in a research project of their own design.

Program Spotlight: Garrison Forest School



Located on 110-acres, Garrison Forest School has long used its tree-lined campus as a learning lab, incorporating outdoor education across multiple subjects as an intentional part of its curriculum.

The campus includes an outdoor classroom, outdoor space for small group learning, a pond, a small pollinator garden and even a “hammock garden” for relaxing. From science experiments to outdoor art displays to play and relaxation time, teachers are regularly using these outdoor assets to enhance classroom lessons and bring learning to life.

Program Spotlight: The Catholic High School of Baltimore



The Catholic High School of Baltimore’s Biomedical Program is a strategic addition to the school’s already robust academic curriculum. This four-year program is designed to allow students to explore medical sciences based on their interests and abilities. This is accomplished with a variety of coursework that is not available in most high schools, courses that include, epidemiology, biotechnology, and bioethics. Learning also takes place outside the classroom, as students often participate in programs such as the National Institute of Health Summer Internship Program, Floating Doctors international trip to Panama, and live surgery opportunities.

Program Spotlight: Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School



Children from Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School and Baltimore’s Ashburton community are building relationships while making history through the Temple X program. A collaboration between Beth Tfiloh, Liberty Grace Church of God, Towson University, Project Wave, and other organizations, Temple X is developing an engaging augmented reality historic walking tour of the Ashburton/Forest Park neighborhoods. The tour will tell the story of growing up through the eyes of a white Jewish child and an African American Christian child in the 1950s.

College Counseling at Beth Tfiloh


Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School is Baltimore’s only co-educational college preparatory Jewish day school spanning preschool through 12th grade. Faculty members address each individual learner’s needs throughout the rigorous dual curriculum while building creativity, leadership skills, and community ties.

Every student’s educational journey culminates in an individualized college guidance program. Each year, our college guidance program has successfully placed 100 percent of our seniors who have applied to four-year universities and colleges, as well as gap-year programs.

The process begins with informational class meetings in both freshman and sophomore year, continuing throughout junior and senior years with individualized family meetings and student conferences. College counselors help students assess their interests, goals, and achievements as they explore opportunities at a vast array of colleges. These partnerships provide comprehensive advising and advocacy for each student, and the results are exceptional: acceptances to 64 colleges and universities, each one selected for being the right fit for each student’s needs.