Celebrate Pi Day, 3.14, at the Maryland Science Center

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Pi Day logo - Feb 19 13

We know it’s nerdly, but we love it: Parents can round up the kids and head to the Maryland Science Center, March 14 from 10am-1pm, to count decimal places and stuff their faces at Pi Day, the annual celebration of π, the mathematical symbol for the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

Multiple activities are available for visitors, including creating Pi necklaces, adding to the numerical Pi chain throughout the Maryland Science Center, and showing off mathematical memory in the Pi recitation contest.

Numbers are just a fraction of the fun at this circle-centric celebration – with pies for visitors’ feasting pleasure, donated by Dangerously Delicious Pies, and a pie eating contest.

Also factoring into the fun is a celebration of what would be Albert Einstein’s 134th birthday, also on March 14. Visitors will honor Albert with a singing of “Happy Birthday” and an array of hair-raising experiments.

All events are free with paid admission to the Maryland Science Center. The Maryland Science Center is located at 601 Light Street at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.  For information and ticket prices, visit www.marylandsciencecenter.org  or call the 24-Hour Information Line at 410-685-5225.

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