Cell Phone Footage Shows Fight at Towson Subway, 1 Arrested

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via YouTube/Medford Adler

From the Saturday night’s alright for fighting file: Two men came to blows in Towson early Saturday morning. One left bloody, and the window of a Subway restaurant in Towson did not survive the altercation.

Cell phone footage (which is graphic) of the fight quickly went viral on Sunday, prompting Baltimore County police to weigh in with the facts of the case Monday morning.

Videos show the two men yelling at each other in the sandwich line at the York Road Subway just before 2 a.m. One of the men then throws a head butt, which escalates things. Police say Jonathan T. Pugh, 26, then pushes the man through the restaurant’s window.

Police arrived to pull Pugh from the window, and he left in handcuffs. The other man left the scene with a bloody face. He was not arrested and did not cooperate with police, according to the Baltimore County police report.



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