Chesapeake Bay Watermen Celebrate Best Crab Harvest in Decades

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It’s always particularly pathetic when we can’t be good stewards for our animal mascots. When those species decline, every image of them we’ve created to rally around becomes an ad hoc memorial. That’s how the reverse of the quarter functioned during the bald eagle’s tenure as an endangered species. And who can look at the California state flag without mourning its former grizzly bear population?

We Marylanders had moving closer to that reality as it seemed there were more crabs on bumper stickers as there were fewer in the Chesapeake Bay. But for the first time in decades — and after 19 years of fishing restrictions — watermen are reporting a crab harvest that overshoots demand.

Not only is it a welcome change for the mallet-wielding among us; it’s encouraging news for the overall health of the bay. I  know it’s easy to be cynical regarding “Save the Bay” initiatives, and I don’t know what your feelings are, but it seems to me that if we were responsible stewards of our natural resources, it might be easier to take our general political dysfunction in stride.

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