Chris Davis Lifts Truck Off Accident Victim

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On Monday, a car accident on I-295 left one victim pinned underneath a pickup truck. A bunch of people gathered to help lift the pickup off the trapped man… and one of them happened to be Baltimore Oriole Chris Davis.

“When I turned to look at the first man, I instantly noticed a VERY strong resemblance to Chris Davis,” one of the other helpers, Mike Soukup, wrote in an email, according to ESPN. “He didn’t have any Orioles gear on (so I wasn’t sure … there was no big ’19’ on him anywhere!), except his tennis shoes were black and orange. We glanced at each other with a ‘good job’ look and I said, ‘Chris?’ He said, ‘Yeah?’ ‘Chris Davis?’ ‘Yeah?’ I said, ‘One hell of a way to meet Chris Davis.'”

Davis is currently serving a 25-game suspension for his unauthorized use of amphetamines–namely, Adderall. He apparently is choosing to spend his time in suspension playing superhero. We’re not complaining — and we imagine that car accident victim isn’t, either.


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