City closes streets around Patterson Park to allow local traffic only, provide more recreational space

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Credit: Patrick Gillespie, via Flickr.

The city is allowing local traffic only on select streets around Patterson Park to give walkers, runners and bicyclists more space to practice social distancing.

The move is the latest addition to the city’s Slow Streets pilot program, which previously modified traffic conditions around Druid Hill Park and Lake Montebello.

Starting today, the city has set up traffic calming barriers on S. Linwood Avenue, E. Baltimore Street, E. Lombard Street, E. Pratt Street and Eastern Avenue around Patterson Park. Only local traffic will be allowed in those areas.

If park visitors do not follow social distancing rules of maintaining at least six feet between themselves and others, the city will terminate the program immediately, according to a news release.

The city may need to temporarily close some parking areas to reduce congestion, the news release added.

In April, a group of 10 Baltimore City Council members called on Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young to repurpose travel lanes on essential routes to create more space for non-motorists to practice social distancing.

The councilmembers at the time said that many city sidewalks are not wide enough to allow six feet of separation between people.

Marcus Dieterle

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