Photo by Lotfy Nathan
Photo by Lotfy Nathan, from 12 O’Clock Boys

Dirt bikers continue to ride on the streets of Baltimore, despite the city’s efforts to stop them, and it’s got City Council President Bernard C. “Jack” Young desperate for a solution.

As reported in the Baltimore Sun, Friday saw two nasty dirt bike incidents in the city. A motorist was beaten by a dirt biker after hitting him with his car, and a pedestrian sustained serious injuries from a hit-and-run with a dirt bike.

This is a year after a woman was killed in a dirt bike hit-and-run in the city and three years after the 12 O’Clock Boys documentary prompted a crackdown from Baltimore police, which involved seizing dirt bikes.

“The dirt bike issue is getting out of hand,” Young said on Monday. “Why jump off the bikes and beat them?”

According to the Sun, it seems Monday’s meeting may have yielded more frustrations than solutions. The idea of building a dirt bike park, for example, comes with its own set of issues and isn’t guaranteed to keep riders of the streets.