City to Continue Potentially Illegal Arrangement with New Speed Camera Contractor

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I’m not usually much of a behaviorist, but it seems unwise — to say the least — to pay the company that owns and maintains your speed cameras per citation. But that’s exactly what Baltimore has done and plans to continue doing, now that the city has ended its run with Xerox and is finalizing a contract with Brekford Corp, despite many — including Gov. Martin O’Malley — suggesting that the practice is illegal under state law.

As you’d expect, the city disagrees. Their lawyers say it’s all good. Technically, or so the argument goes, the contractor is not the “operator” of the speed cameras; the city is. Therefore, the city is not in violation of the “no paying operators by ticket volume” rule.

But illegal or not, it was the stated goal of the Transportation Department to ditch the bounty system with the new contractor, yet here we are. Do we really lack the imagination to design an alternative payment plan?


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