CityLab Talks to Bikemore Director About Baltimore’s Expanding Bike Infrastructure

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Courtesy Baltimore Bike Share/Facebook

With a bikeshare and new cycle tracks, Baltimore’s bike infrastructure is starting to take shape. The Maryland Ave. cycle track even made a list of 2016’s best bike lanes. As the new features are built, it’s worth considering how everyone in the city can benefit.

CityLab talked to Bikemore Executive Director Liz Cornish about the new infrastructure, and her views on having places to ride bikes in the city.  In the interview, Cornish also talks about the role of bike infrastructure in combatting inequality.

“Bike lanes should be standard operating procedure, not something you have to fight for,” she said. “But I don’t think we were going to be able to shift our thinking until we had something tangible that said, ‘It works here,’ so that people could see the sky doesn’t fall when you take away a lane of traffic.”

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