College Acceptance Letters Arrive this Week

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You can feel the excitement in the air: college acceptance letters are due April 1. Despite schools’ deadlines, many letters go out before April 1, so letters could be in mail boxes this week. Maybe even today!

It’s a decision that, once heard, can be thrilling or agonizing, but keep some perspective: the applicant is the same person whether he or she gets into his or her dream school or not. Bryn Mawr School Director of College Counseling Patty Whalen counsels her students with this important advice, sent to seniors in a letter earlier this week:

Some decisions will be disappointing and many will be exciting and filled with a world of new opportunities and adventures. Savor the good news, but don’t let the bad news drag you too far down. Remember — you hold a wealth of talent, intellect, abilities, and interests among you. The decision of a college admissions committee, positive or negative, is not a judgment on your life, and while it may indeed influence the next step in your journey, it is just that a next step on a lifelong journey of self.

Wise words.

Check out the YouTube video below of assorted reactions from Ivy Dreams. There’s a lot to be learned from the video for both parent and child.

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