We were pretty excited to hear that Baltimore-boy Ira Glass will speak at Goucher’s commencement.  Apparently, so were the editors at Business Insider who put him on the list of “The 25 Coolest Commencement Speakers Taking the Stage this May.”

We know parents will be heading to colleges for graduations around the country and many colleges that are popular in Baltimore circles — SMU, UVA, Chapel Hill, for example — made the list too.  Condoleezza Rice will speak at SMU, Katie Couric will speak at her alma mater UVA, Michael Bloomberg will speak at Chapel Hill (and Cornell!).

Check out the entire slideshow at Business Insider.

In the super cool category? A tie: Steve Carell at Princeton or Aaron Sorkin at Syracuse.  Who do you think is the best pick?  The President and First Lady don’t count…no matter what party you’re in, it’s always super cool to have a sitting president at commencement.

Let us know your favorite pick in the comments.