Beauty is not often quantifiable. Think of the words you would use to describe a beautiful home: elegant, open, cozy, intricate, sleek. We can all relate and understand these describing words, but they aren’t tangible. When conceptualizing your dream home, it’s easy to plan the end product around the broad concepts of beauty you have in your head but forget to consider the physical pieces of the puzzle that will make your dream home a reality.

Describing what makes a home beautiful is often abstract, but on the other hand, describing what makes a home functional or practical paints a much more specific picture in our head. Practical may mean thought-out cabinet space in your kitchen to fit the lofty dishware set you got from your wedding, extra built-ins under the island to make use of unused space. It may mean choosing a practical color palette that easily matches everything, such as whites, beiges and grays. Practical, for you, may mean transforming that extra bedroom into a play area if you have children, a home gym if you are a devoted athlete, a proper office space if you are working from home for the foreseeable future.

You want your home to be beautiful, but most importantly, you want your home to work for you. But, while a functional home is ultimately the goal, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring or lacking in your personal style or concepts of beauty! Repeat it with us: practical does not mean plain! You can have all the practical must-haves that emulate traits of your personal style.

Practical Kitchens with a Flair
Consider the spot in our home we often gather the most: the kitchen. What type of kitchen is most practical for you and your life? Is it an open-concept kitchen with minimal hazards for your three young children? Maybe you’re an avid cook, and a chef’s kitchen with a six-burner stove would actually be practical for you. Now, think of the high-level concepts of home beauty that you dream of displaying in your home. Traditional, rustic colors and dark wood that exudes coziness; maybe it’s a mid-century modern style with vibrant colors with houseplants galore.

Truth is, you can still have a curated kitchen space that is both practical for your life and breathtaking to the eye. One of the easiest ways to do this is to work with a custom kitchen design specialist who can custom design practical home pieces with unique, stylistic features that make it beautiful.

Consider a staple kitchen island, for example. A detached kitchen island is often the focal point of the room because it is where people gather at the center. Consider the qualities that would make a kitchen island the most practical for you: maybe it’s an expansive countertop space to serve your passion for creating new recipes, with a custom sink in the center for easy cleanup. Maybe it’s built-in appliances or hidden cupboards to store your supplies once you’re done! These are all practical elements of a fully-functioning kitchen island.

Once you have the bones of your functional kitchen island in place, then you can add the elements that will elevate your island and complete the room aesthetically. For example, maybe painting your island a bold color like electric blue or a deep auburn is the vibrant touch your kitchen needs to give it life. Maybe it’s that you want detailed woodwork carved into the corners to make the room more Victorian and feminine. The goal is to make your island and accent piece of furniture in your functional and beautiful kitchen. The millwork and custom cabinetry specialists at Sunnyfields Cabinetry know that your dream kitchen can be both eye-catching, and suit your style, by something as simple as a custom kitchen island—crafting statement pieces that complete a room is what they are passionate about. Whatever your idea of a beautiful kitchen may be, know that it doesn’t have to be overshadowed by practicality: they can work hand-in-hand.

Custom Mudrooms That Work for your Lifestyle

Far less glamorous compared to your kitchen, a mudroom is a basic but highly practical aspect of your home that helps you keep the rest of your space organized. If you have children and you are struggling to keep your space feeling put-together with toys strewn about or stinky athletic gear cluttering your space, a mudroom can be the perfect place to store their toys using discreet built-ins as storage. If you’ve always dreamed of having that glorious foyer to walk into upon entering your home, but struggle to keep the entryway clean and decluttered, a mudroom off the entryway can be perfect for hanging those coats and hats without sacrificing aesthetics. Ultimately, mudrooms are necessary from a practical standpoint but can be designed to leave a lasting impression just as any other room of your home.

Sunnyfields Cabinetry Knows Practical Doesn’t Mean Plain

Practicality does not have to mean bare walls and plain furniture. Remember that this seemingly tricky feat of blending practicality and beauty can be made possible with custom millwork. Tailor-made woodwork can be personalized to fit your unique needs from both a practical and decorative standpoint; functional comfort can truly exude personal style when you work with the right team of cabinetry and millwork professionals. To manifest your vision of the perfect home that is both beautiful and indicative of your daily lifestyle, give Sunnyfields Cabinetry a call. Our team has more than 25 years of experience in custom home building, renovations, historic preservation and custom millwork solutions in the Baltimore area.

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