It’s not always easy to tell the truth. 

But as any fan of reality TV can tell you, there’s something about a quiet, empty room that seems to inspire surprising confessions. That’s the idea behind the Truth Booth, a traveling art installation by the Cause Collective that will be visiting MICA this week.

Participants enter the Truth Booth alone, sit on a stool, and face a camera. Then, they say something true. The creators are analyzing and compiling the response’s they’ve received so far, and plan on editing some of the resulting footage into a short film that explores the many different ways to conceptualize what exactly counts as “the truth.” Given this year’s presidential election, the Truth Booth’s creators are particularly interested in ideas of political truths–but they’re open to whatever you have for them.

“The goal is to provide Americans with a safe space to share their thoughts, ideas, dreams and truths about the upcoming election, or anything that inspires them,” says co-founder Hank Willis Thomas.

You can visit the Truth Booth at MICA’s Cohen Plaza (1301 W. Mount Royal Ave.) today from noon to 6 PM, or at the vacant lot at the corner of Charles St. and North Ave. tomorrow at the same time.