Congresswoman, golfer jump on Orioles’ celebrity playoff bandwagon

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As the Orioles get set to begin their playoff quest tonight at Camden Yards, they’ve been picking up inspiration from plenty of outside sources. Locals gave the team plenty of support by packing rallies at Canton, Under Armour and beyond. But playoff fever extends far beyond Baltimore borders. You know you’ve got a hot team when Nancy Pelosi and 2008 Ryder Cup Captain Paul Azinger are giving you some love. Or, something like that.

Pelosi, the former Speaker of the U.S. House and daughter of former Baltimore mayor Thomas D’Alesandro, gave the Orioles a plug on Capitol Hill today, according to Roll Call.

“Well you know my father brought the Orioles to Baltimore, … I’m happy to see them doing so well,” she said at the end of a press conference.

Nevertheless, we have to question Pelosi’s loyalty. Yesterday, she was spotted name-dropping a certain nearby playoff baseball team by CNN, saying “My neighbor owns the Nationals.”

Republicans jumped on the remark as a sign that Pelosi was out-of-touch. But the more important question is: Will she be remembering her childhood neighbors when it comes time for the Beltway Series? It might be time to bring in Mikulski.

Back in Baltimore, the Orioles themselves found themselves at the center of another campaign. Golfer Paul Azinger gave the team a pre-playoff motivational speech this week.

As the only golfer to lead the U.S. to Ryder Cup victory since the turn of the century, Azinger was well-positioned to pump up the member of a team who haven’t won their division in 17 years. It’s the second time he’s spoken to the team this year.

SB Nation points out that Azinger may have been using the appearance as an attempt to draw attention to his own candidacy as a potential captain for the 2016 Ryder Cup team. But since Buck Showalter decided to call him in, we’ll give the move the benefit of the doubt.

Either way, there’s plenty of room remaining on the playoff edition of the Orioles celebrity bandwagon. We’re looking at you, Ice Cube and Edward Norton.

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