Court Agrees to Re-Consider “Serial” Case

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The wheels of justice turn slowly. Very, very slowly.

That’s one explanation for why it’s taken five years for the Maryland Court of Special Appeals to agree to consider an appeal in the murder conviction of Adnan Syed, the case made famous by the Serial podcast.

To be clear: This doesn’t mean that Syed is getting another trial. It just means that the court has decided to consider an application for a leave for an appeal. The court’s decision should be made by mid-January. According to a press release issued by the courts, the Court of Special Appeals regularly “review[s] a trial court’s actions and decisions and decide[s] whether the trial judge properly followed the law and legal precedent.”

If the verdict does go Syed’s way, it’ll be time for a whole new set of legal hoops to jump through. Between this legal development and the recent interviews with the case’s prosecutor and key witness, Serial obsessives have plenty to keep them occupied even now that the podcast is over. If you’ve been following the case (or even if you haven’t), consider donating to the memorial scholarship in the name of Hae Min Lee.


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