Crane Called in to Clean Up Jones Falls After Last Week’s Flooding in Woodberry

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The Jones Falls

Cleanup continues after the flooding that followed the July 30 storm. Along with the work to get Meadow Mill businesses up and running, city crews need to bring in the heavy duty equipment.

Starting early in the morning on Monday, Falls Road is set to close for two miles, from Clipper Mill Rd. to the 29th St. bridge for a week. Workers are going to bring in a crane to remove items that washed into the Jones Falls in the midst of the flooding. According to the Baltimore Department of Public Works, the crane will remove a car, two dumpsters, driftwood and debris. A drift catcher with concrete columns is currently blocking the items from going further.

In big storms, crews have removed as much as 50 tons of material from the drift catcher. Mr. Trash Wheel has been known to fill dumpsters, but in this case he is probably thankful he didn’t have to swallow them whole.

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