Curbed Names The George Peabody Library Among the Beautiful and Bookish

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Enoch Pratt’s Central Library is under renovation. But if you need a place that combines brain power with architectural wonder in the coming months, don’t forget about Johns Hopkins’ spot just up the street.

The George Peabody Library, opened in 1878, has earned its nickname as a “cathedral of books” — with the soaring, cast-iron balconies of the neo-Greco atrium and 300,000 volumes dating to the 18th and 19th centuries being equally impressive. Curbed has a video that shows the Mt. Vernon Place building in all of its splendor.

Along with giving it a video, the national site named it one of the 19 Most Beautiful Libraries in the U.S. It’s open to the public. It’s used for lots of weddings, but has plenty of regular hours that are open to the public.


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