David Letterman Really Loves Future Islands. Like, A Lot

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It was exciting enough that one of our favorite hometown bands, Future Islands, perform on David Letterman the other night. What’s even cooler has been watching Mr. Letterman himself suddenly morph into one of their biggest fans.

Future Islands performed on Monday, and if you haven’t already seen the performance, stop reading RIGHT NOW and take a look.

Done? Good. So maybe now you see why Letterman is so enthused at the end of their performance. When he says, “That was wonderful,” you can tell he means it.

And then on Wednesday night’s show, Letterman interrupted his opening monologue’s Putin jokes several times to cut to a clip of Future Islands lead singer Sam Herring’s awesome dancing from the Monday night performance. He even made a fancy three-part split screen for it! (If you want to skip the boring parts of the monologue in the video below, go ahead and skip to 3:20, which is when the Future Island jokes start happening.)

Is it okay to say that we knew them back when, before they were cool?

h/t Pitchfork

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