Delbert Adams Construction Group, LLC. Builds New Security Guard Booth for Helping Up Mission

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DACG Employees (Left to Right): Charles Mimaros, Dan Harris, Sean Monaghan, Paul Alt, Marty Debolt

Giving back to the community has always been a high priority for the Delbert Adams Construction Group (DACG). This past month, the DACG team spent time planning, constructing and building a brand new security guard booth for the Helping Up Mission (HUM) in Baltimore, MD.

Helping Up Mission is an amazing organization that offers a community of hope to men who are fighting addiction and homelessness. Their comprehensive recovery programs are designed to help the men overcome these struggles and become sober, responsible members of society.

At any given time, there are 500 men on the HUM campus in various stages of recovery. With a volume this high, the staff quickly discovered the need for a security guard booth to assist with maintaining oversight of those coming and leaving the facility. That is where DACG stepped in to offer their volunteer services and help get this project complete.

“DACG is always excited to step up and help amazing organizations that are so giving to those in the community. When Helping Up Mission expressed their need for a security guard booth it was without question that our team was going to do anything it took to make that project happen for them. DACG finds it very important for these organizations to see that there are companies out there providing them with the same support that they are giving to others.” Says co-owner, Taylor Classen.

Prior to building the guard booth, DACG pulled together an amazing group of vendors to assist with the materials needed to complete project. These vendors included The Reisterstown Lumber Company, TWPerry, The Home Depot, Budeke Paints, Lewis Brothers, Inc., Architectural Window Supply, Carpet Fair, MS Moeller, FastSigns, Aire-craft Heating & Cooling, Natural Concerns and Starr Systems Design.

The guard booth was delivered to the Helping Up Mission campus on August 2nd. Additional work will be done on the booth while staged in place in the HUM parking lot.   Stop by to see the booth come to life.                                                                                              

To find out more about how you can get involved with Helping Up Mission, click here.



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