Hogan: Legislators are Like Spring Breakers

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Gov. Larry Hogan delivering his State of the State address.
Gov. Larry Hogan delivering his State of the State address.

Democrats say Gov. Larry Hogan is taking away money from college kids.  Hogan says the legislators are acting like college kids.

The latest dustup in Annapolis is once again centered on Baltimore. Democrats in the General Assembly say Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican, is taking money away from colleges in his budget to build a jail in Baltimore.

In a Baltimore Sun article published Thursday, Democrats said the governor’s budget proposal to spend $480 million on construction of a new jail in Baltimore takes money away from construction projects on a new student services center at Morgan State and turning a science center into a business center at Coppin State.

Hogan said the jail construction was their idea The governor went on WBAL’s C4 Show and said the idea that he would take money away from students to “incarcerate people and build a jail is simply nonsense.” He added that the jail was the legislature’s idea.

“It’s not my idea to build a jail in Baltimore. Quite frankly, we’re the only state in the nation that has a city jail, and I’d rather have nothing to do with it,” he quipped.

Before his segment on the show was finished, Hogan had some more words about the General Assembly.

“They come down to Annapolis like it’s spring break, breaking furniture, throwing beer bottles off balconies,” he said. “Thankfully, they’re going to go home in a few weeks and we can get back to running the state and making progress like we have for the last year.”

Seeing as how they’re not going home until April, state Senator Robert Zirkin took to the Senate floor and demanded an apology.


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